As part of the biblical mandate of going to all nations (Mat. 28:19), Vertical Fellowship is very active in international mission work. One of the foundational ministries of our church is the Czech Symphony Project established in 1995 by our Senior Pastor, Michael Šust. Over the years, this ministry was not only instrumental in helping to plant our church in 2007 (originally Harvest Bible Chapel St. Louis West), but year by year keeps bearing fruit through music evangelism, short-term missions, facilitating international music tours for choirs and orchestras, summer internships and much more.

In the Czech Republic, we partner with several schools and colleges whose leaders support our mission as many of them have also been converted to Christ through this ministry. We organize annual mission trips for groups of musicians and singers, both Czech and American, ranging from small groups to 90 people. We present evangelistic concerts of Christian music along with testimonies and clear proclamation of the gospel. We partner with local churches to follow up with the new converts to help them to build relationships get established in the faith. We started international student summer internships where students can study the Word, train for ministry leadership, and grow in their faith. In recent years our ministry abroad has expanded beyond the Czech Republic to Austria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia and on the North American continent to several U.S. states and Canada. We partner with local churches for student housing and hosting concerts and conferences.